What is the National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank?

The National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank is a bioinformatics system that integrates clinical, epidemiologic, pathologic, outcome, and genotype data for large collection of mesothelioma-related specimens into a single data annotation engine. Investigators can utilize the information contained in the database and can also apply for use of NMVB tissue specimens. The NMVB is “virtual” because it links together data associated with specimens collected and stored at different institutions across the country. Regardless of their physical location, NMVB specimens are all associated with a set of Common Data Elements to maintain consistency between samples and to facilitate semantic and syntactic interoperability using controlled vocabulary and ontology, in order to make the data understandable and shareable for end-users and flexible for the system. The NMVB collection is particularly well-suited for evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic markers since it includes mesothelioma tissue with associated clinical and outcome data.