Who can apply for NMVB specimens?

Biospecimen and associated data sets are available for research studies judged to be meritorious by the Research Evaluation Panel (REP), an independent scientific review group. The National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank collection is particularly well-suited for evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic markers since it includes mesothelioma tissue with associated clinical and outcome data. This valuable finite collection is intended to support studies that require archival tissue and clinical and outcome data. The Resource can provide documentation of the availability of required specimens in support of applications for research funding. The National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank is available both to academic researchers (at or above assistant professor or equivalent; applications directly by post docs or students are not accepted) and to commercial organizations which need access to specimens for evaluation of diagnostic, prognostic or other assays related to mesothelioma cancer. Studies on National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank material may be funded by Federal or non-Federal sources.