NMVB Public Database Access

 The online public view of the NMVB data is under construction.  Currently when you select the NMVB Database from the links on this website you will see the statistical analysis of the NMVB data that was last updated on July 8th 2019.  


NMVB Database Access

A REDCap project has been created to allow data managers the ability to: query, access and edit stored data in the NMVB database.  Additionally, approved investigators have the ability to query and view de-identified clinical data.  To access the NMVB REDCap project please click on this link to login to the NMVB REDCap project https://www.ctsiredcap.pitt.edu/redcap/ .


Request NMVB Database Access

Should you want to request an NMVB account, please click on this link and enter your information into this form  https://is.gd/NMVB_DB_Access_Request